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Backwater retreat Kumarakom

Backwater retreat is located in Aymanam in Kumarakom which forms the backdrop of Arundhati Roy's Booker Prize winner novel "The God Of Small Things". This retreat is the only one which stands on the banks of the River described in Arundhati Roy's Booker Prize novel. The major characters in "The God of Small Things'' are mentioned as spending their time on the banks of this river. Travelers from different parts of the world come to this place after reading the Booker Prize novel "The God of Small Things ".

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Backwater Retreat - Ayurveda

Ayurveda in Kerala :- Ayurveda is believed as the oldest treatment method in the world (more than 3500 years old). The Plants are used for preparing as medicines. Nowadays Ayurveda has become very popular among the tourist especially foreigners. Patients from all over the world are coming here for Ayurveda treatment.

Backwater Retreat - Honeymoon

Kumarakom is fast emerging as the paradise for honeymoon couples because of its beautiful backwaters, houseboats etc. A tour to Kumarakom offers some of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in Kerala our honeymoon should have it all, and Kerala offers solitude and relaxation, highlife and activity but lots more.

Backwater Retreat - Backwater

The backwaters in Kerala are the most enchanting features of Kerala. Backwaters are formed by the accumulation of Sea water at the beach by the to and fro motion of the waves. The Backwaters in Kerala is an exquisite network of canals, lakes, lagoons and deltas of about 44 rivers emptying into the Arabian Sea.

Our friends who had visited Kerala suggested to us to stay in the Theme house of Backwater Retreat . Our stay here for a few days on the banks of rivers was really enjoyable . We had good food ,security and clean rooms furnished tastefully.

Motor boat cruising in canals ,rivers and the lake were delightful. .The retreat is located at a peaceful spot where the atmosphere is quiet and tranquil. The staff arranged a 2 hour cultural program also.

Carol McArthur, Montana, USA

We stayed for 3 nights in the Palm Shade Bungalow of Backwater Retreat .We really enjoyed our stay as the place was lovely, peaceful and quiet . Since it was away from the crowd we felt so free , listening to the cackling sounds of birds and looking at the distant bushes protruding into the rivers.In the moonlit night we enjoyed watching the ripples in the rivers.

The food was fine and there was perfect security . The staff were very helpful. The rooms were clean and cool . We wished we could have spent a few more days here in this lap of nature. A memorable experience with canal cruising in boats, village walk and country boat fishing.

Merlin Richards, Brighton, UK